Hello everyone!

In celebration of our brand new app Sleep Well NOW, which is free on the App Store to download NOW!

we have created a few tips for anyone out there struggling to sleep deeply at night.

Be Present

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to calm a busy mind both throughout the day and before we go to sleep at night. Becoming fully present in ourselves instead of getting swept up with mind chatter can really help us feel calm, peaceful and centred. This will allow our mind and bodies to drift off easily into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Change your habits

Your mind may be expecting not to switch off if you have had insomnia for a while so make a few changes before going to sleep at night. Try taking a bath or meditating in the evening or before you go to sleep at night.

If you always go to bed at the same time, try going a little earlier. We sleep in cycles, with a pattern of deep sleep and REM. This means that even just ten minutes could change and improve your sleep pattern dramatically. Turn off technology at least an hour before bed, avoid eating late at night, caffeine and alcohol too if possible.

Deep Body Relaxation

When you are lying down in bed and ready for sleep, tell yourself silently that you are going to use meditation to go to sleep. Relax each muscle in the body one by one and feel how great it is to be fully relaxed. When your body is relaxed this sends a signal to your brain that its ok to relax too. You can also use some affirmations to sleep soundly at night, for example…

I sleep peacefully and easily at night

All worries will be resolved in my dreams so I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day

I am calm and I come back to the present moment

I love to sleep

When you say these affirmations, silently or out loud, imagine every part of you absorbing the phrases.

Wishing you a beautiful sleep!

Sat nam x