Hello again beautiful Aluna Moon community.

I am wondering if we can ourselves the question… what is the difference between the true and false self?

For me the false self is the bit of us that compares, contrasts, feels less than, more than, doubtful, fearful, resentful and well so much more. Imagine letting go of the busyness, chatter and noise of the ego or the false self? The true self is where true aliveness, joy, wonderment and presence is felt. It is in the here and now and feels truly amazing.

So many of us have been poorly conditioned by others and the world around us, which has caused us to become disconnected from who we really are. Instead of being true to ourselves and connected to the here and now, we try to please everybody else and be who we think we ‘should’ be, instead of who we are designed to be. In doing so we get lost in our egoic mind, which can lead to poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, panic, anxiety and a general feeling of lethargy and unhappiness.

So let’s go about rediscovering your magnificent diamond nature within and creating a truly authentic life filled with joy and happiness.

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