Master True Self-Esteem 


Hello and welcome! Self-Esteem is a much talked about subject in this modern age. What does it even mean? I would describe it as the light of the true self. Our true self is infinite and boundless. Infinitely joyous, loving and harmonious and boundlessly creative and passionate. Its beyond the constraints on the material world. The false self is the ego and loves to compare, compete and well.. overthink! Its very fragile as nothing is ever good enough and is also very dramatic. Our false self can hold negative feelings such as resentment, betrayal, jealously, anger and fear. So how might it feel to uncover the true self. Maybe… grounded, accepting, humble, loving and in unity with the world? Crossing over the bridge into the true self can feel so wonderful and freeing. You can do this through self awareness, meditation, being really and truly present and remembering your truly authentic self. Our bitesized course Master True Self-Esteem in 10 days exclusive to Insight Timer is out today. Nicola and myself guide your on a compassionate awakening to true self esteem through meditation practices and teachings. However you go about unearthing the mystical innate wisdom of your true self, we hold space for you and send you much love & blessings on your journey.

Sat Nam

Sam and Nicola

Aluna Moon