A new year… a new start? Perhaps some of us said that to ourselves this January. Well in some ways it is true… 2017 in numerology means the year of 1 which represents renewal, change, realising dreams and potential and expressing our creative instincts. A ‘one’ year from a numerological point of view is a wonderful time to step forward, use our leadership skills, uniqueness and talents for the greater good so in that sense making new year resolutions works well for this year. But what we can find ourselves doing is repeating to ourselves… ‘as soon as the new year starts I will get fit, eat healthily, find ways to reduce my stress etc etc’ which are wonderful things but after a few weeks we find we may lose motivation and ‘will power’. Maybe what we need to do throughout the entire year; each month, each week, each day, each hour, each moment is be present with our selves, our needs, our bodies, our minds. Instead of charging ourselves up a the beginning of the year we can be mindful, conscious and focused throughout the year which may then naturally lead to better health, vitality and a deeper sense of rest and peace.

Wishing you much peace, presence and energy throughout 2017!

Sat nam

Sam xxx