Nurturing the Gift of Sensitivity in Ourselves and our Children by Nicola Haslett

Mama Me Time

Sensitivity is a beautiful gift. It allows us to feel things deeply and experience life fully. If you are a sensitive soul you may feel as though you don’t fit in or you might have difficulty making friends. Perhaps you seem to have taken on the role of agony aunt, or maybe it was placed upon you because others were naturally drawn to your kind and caring nature and therefore find it easy to talk to you. As sensitive souls we are naturally empathic and nurturing and therefore we make great healers and wonderful parents, but in a world that unfortunately doesn’t always support this sensitivity it’s very important to look after ourselves if we are to remain balanced.

When we become parents we naturally become more sensitive because it awakens something deeper within us. We have a little person to look after and it’s not uncommon to feel as though you become one entity; sharing the pain and pleasure that your child experiences. This beautiful connection opens us up to new depths and it’s not uncommon to become more emotional as our heart chakra is more activated than ever before. There’s nothing like the unconditional love you feel for your child to bring you into your heart centre!

If you are a sensitive parent, then the chances are that your children will be sensitive too. These beautiful new souls that are choosing to incarnate now are carefully selecting parents who can understand and support their sensitivity. These children are here to move us all forward into a more harmonious time energetically and they come into this life with a special and powerful purpose. What they need from us is not only an understanding of what it’s like being sensitive, but the tools to help them deal with this.

Unfortunately, there are many things in the world today that can dampen our children’s sensitivity. Modern day schooling, conditioning from television and outside influences, poor diets, lack of playtime outside, spending too much time on computers and too little time on spiritual pursuits can all cause our children to disconnect from their true sensitivity. Boys are taught not to cry or feel too deeply, girls are taught they need to be quiet and act ‘ladylike’. But it is the young boy who is connected to his emotions that grows into a powerful man who cares enough about our planet to want to change it for the better. It is the young girl who has a warrior like spirit who will grow into a fierce, powerful woman who has the confidence to stand up for what she believes in and not be afraid to use her voice. We need leaders, not followers!

Your children have chosen you because you have the wisdom to give them what they need. Life isn’t always easy for a sensitive soul; there can be many challenges along the way, but you can make the ride a whole lot easier for your children and ensure they have everything they need to stay connected to their true, authentic selves. What a gift!

So what do your children need? Here are my top 5 tips to help nurture both yourself and your sensitive children.

  1. Look after your Body

Your body really is a sacred temple and everything you put into it will have an effect on you, not just on a physical level but emotionally and mentally too. Unfortunately most food we consume today is really not food at all, but a collection of chemicals, additives and nasties that don’t give our bodies what they need. The biggest culprits are sugar, MSG, pesticides and various different artificial colourings and flavours. When you fuel your body with fresh, organic food it thrives. Our bodies know how to heal themselves and remain healthy but they do need us to create the right inner environment. This is especially important for children. The vast majority of your children’s diet should be fresh, organic and highly nutritious. It is also good to note that many children are developing food intolerances; the sensitive children especially. I highly recommend visiting a Naturopath who can perform non-invasive tests to see if your child has intolerances to things such as gluten, dairy and yeast. The symptoms aren’t always obvious but can include difficulties sleeping/disturbed sleep, night terrors, hyperactivity and restlessness amongst the obvious digestion problems. Everything we eat also holds an energy and therefore eating clean, simple foods in their natural state will give you and your children everything you need.


  1. Clear your Energy

We are all energetic beings and as we go through our day we can pick up foreign energies from other people and places. If we don’t take time regularly to clear our energy and cleanse our aura (the energy field that surrounds our body) then we can feel sluggish, emotional and just not quite ourselves. Once again, if you are sensitive then you will be very susceptible to this. Have you ever been around somebody who is sad or angry and then found yourself feeling this way too after visiting them? As an empathic person it’s very easy to take on these emotions, but to remain in balance it’s very important to clear yourself regularly.

So how do we cleanse our energy? Crystal Aura Sprays are a really easy way to cleanse both you and your children. There are many on the market today and you simply spray once above the top of your head and all around your home, allowing the essential oils and crystal particles to work their magic. Epsom Salt baths are also a really easy option for children. Simply pop a handful of Epsom salts in the bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. You can also visualise (or talk your children through) a white light meditation by imagining a pure, white light entering the body through the top of the head and as it flows down the body you can imagine the stress, tension and negative energy melting away until you are nothing less than a beautiful ball of pure white light. Imagine the white light expanding out into the aura and this will have a wonderful cleansing affect. This is also good if your child is struggling with a difficult emotion such as anger.


  1. Express Yourself

When you are a sensitive soul, you feel emotions very deeply. When you’re happy you feel ecstatic but when you’re down you can feel terrible. Often, it can feel as though you’re riding a rollercoaster. Others may view you as moody or unpredictable but you simply need to bring your emotions into balance by expressing them in a healthy way. Do you like to write? Sing? Dance? Draw? Paint? Do something creative and it will help you to release any built up emotion and bring some clarity and calm. Children are naturally very creative and it’s a great idea to really encourage this in them. Yes, it can be messy with paint everywhere. Yes, it can be loud when they’re singing BUT this is a wonderful way for them to let off steam and to express how they feel. Remember, children can’t always verbalise how they feel but they will usually be able to express their feelings in other ways. If your children prefer to tell you how they feel however then this is wonderful and you can enjoy special chats at the end of each day, giving them the chance to offload before they go to sleep.


  1. Create a calm environment

Your home should be the place where you feel at your most calm, safe and secure. For sensitives, this is especially important. Your home should be a reflection of how you want to feel on the inside. Use calming and soothing colours, place crystals around the home to create a nice energy, light candles and incense and play beautiful music. Your children could also have their own corner somewhere or their own little den under the bed where you can allow them to create their own sacred space with all their favourite things. When the world is too much to bear, we need a quiet, loving place to come back to.


  1. Take regular time to relax

Life is busy, but for sensitives it’s so important to take regular timeout otherwise you may suffer from physical, mental and emotional forms of stress. Self-Hypnosis and Meditation is such an easy way to give yourself this time you need and it’s also great for children! There are many meditations on the market for children and as a Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher and mother myself I am a firm believer in the power of this. Most children are very happy to lay back in bed listening to a guided meditation, as long as you find one that they enjoy. For mums out there, I have created several free meditation apps and self-hypnosis recordings especially for women so why not promise yourself some time each day to relax and see how good you can really feel.


Always remember that your sensitivity is a beautiful God given gift and should be nurtured and treated as such…With love and light to my fellow sensitives.


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