We are here to help, here to hold space, here to simply BE with you.

Aluna Moon welcome you to our CHAT page which we hope will grow, inspire and transform as we do.  Sam and Nicola look forward to having a good heart-to-heart with you, bringing about a sense of peace, togetherness and oneness to our work, our posts and to us all.

Periods Matter. Period.

There are lots of beautiful sisters talking about about getting to know their menstrual cycle… who feel or hear the bellow… who rise involuntarily to the meaningful existence of this sacred wisdom…when and if you hear HER, run towards her with open arms. I am Sam and alongside Nicola we want to take it even further…

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Goddess Feminism Podcast

Do you know we have a new podcast with a FREE meditation? Listen on apple podcasts, our website www.alunamoon.com or insight timer. Please help us spread the word by individually rating each episode on apple. Ready to rise up? A supportive and positive sisterhood await. Nicola and Sam guide you on a journey to spiritual…

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Tell me something

Welcome Tell me something…what have you got planned for 2019?We’re set to release a brand new course, some new children’s meditations and an exciting new Podcast. Read on to find out more… Here at Aluna Moon we have enjoyed celebrating a wonderful end to 2018, with our biggest achievement being that we hit 2.45 MILLION…

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Shakti Self

Shakti Self Hi this is Sam from Aluna Moon, welcome and thanks for joining this circle today. I will keep it short but sweet so you can easily slot this into your day .. as this is Shakti for modern day living…hopefully I can humbly offer a drop of wisdom to your spiritual journey of…

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Master True Self-Esteem

Master True Self-Esteem    Hello and welcome! Self-Esteem is a much talked about subject in this modern age. What does it even mean? I would describe it as the light of the true self. Our true self is infinite and boundless. Infinitely joyous, loving and harmonious and boundlessly creative and passionate. Its beyond the constraints…

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Aluna is Reborn

We feel like Aluna Moon has been reborn during this beautiful time of the year; approaching the fresh, energetic energies of the summer solstice. We have a new sparkly website, where you can listen to videos, sign up for freebies and buy some of our new online products. We welcome you to this new stage…

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Be Happy NOW!

Welcome, Nicola and I have been wondering about what it means to be truly happy of late… what does it mean to you? We have been contemplating, chatting about, struggling with and connecting to the power of the moment and how really this is all we have and how true happiness can be felt. Fun..…

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Sleep Well NOW

Hello everyone! In celebration of our brand new app Sleep Well NOW, which is free on the App Store to download NOW! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sleep-well-now-mindfulness-meditations-for-sleep/id1209996316?mt=8 we have created a few tips for anyone out there struggling to sleep deeply at night. Be Present Mindfulness is a wonderful way to calm a busy mind both throughout the day…

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New Year Resolutions

Welcome! A new year… a new start? Perhaps some of us said that to ourselves this January. Well in some ways it is true… 2017 in numerology means the year of 1 which represents renewal, change, realising dreams and potential and expressing our creative instincts. A ‘one’ year from a numerological point of view is…

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